Trip Report    

Day Hike - Foothills Trail

The hike was a success! Great weather (although it was chilly) and a positive, friendly group, including 5 hikers who were joining a Mountaineers hike for the first time.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The trailhead that we used is located 3.2 miles beyond the town center of Wilkeson, on the right-hand side of  WA-165.  There is a pullout with room for 6-7 vehicles, a gate, and a sign indicating the Foothills trail.

    About halfway along our route, the trail became quite muddy.  It's ideal to navigate this section with sturdy hiking boots and trekking poles.  Not all hike participants had trekking poles, but everyone made it through this section just fine.  



We began hiking around 11:25am and returned to the trailhead just before 3pm.  We covered about 7 miles RT, stopping along the way to note some sights and stopping for lunch in a grove of trees next to the Carbon River and adjacent to the field that is the former town site.

The remains of the Melmont ghost town that we saw include a retaining wall, a dynamite shed, the foundations of the schoolhouse, and the large open field where the main town was located.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the hike and each other's company!