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Day Hike - Eunice Lake & Tolmie Peak Lookout (Mount Rainier)

This is a great hike with many special views, which were unfortunately lost in the clouds. The access road is annoying but tolerable washboard, but there are a few spots that are approaching impassible at any speed over 1 mph.

  • Road rough but passable

The cheerful spirit of the hiking group was the basis for our success.  Rain at the trailhead, low clouds blocking  the views I had promised and very stiff winds and dropping temperatures at the fire lookout were all offset by the enthusiasm of my hiking companions.  Pleasant and diverse conversation kept everyone moving and in very good cheer.  We came across a deer walking next to the trail who didn't seem to mind our presence and drew our attention away from hiking to enjoying the emerging views as the clouds appeared to be lifting.   Although much scenery was still covered in clouds, the glimpses  of nearby peaks and ridges left us happy to have been on this trail on this day.  Recent trail maintenance was appreciated.  Thank you very much.  Lots of wet roots present a bit of a hazard.  There were several other hikers out this day too, considering the threat of rain.  All are looking forward to returning when the visibility improves.