Trip Report    

Day Hike - Eunice Lake & Tolmie Peak Lookout

This out and back hike starts at Mowich Lake, passes by Eunice Lake, and ends at the Tolmie Peak Lookout. In between there is a fabulous view at Ipsut Pass and a couple of significant climbs.

  • Road rough but passable
  • I would have rated the day a "5" except that "the mountain" was shy today and we never had a clear view of it from the trail.  However, the clouds were high enough that there were spectacular views everyplace else.  Flowers are spectacular - I have never seen so much bear grass on a hike.  Ironically enough, we saw a bear in a meadow of bear grass near Eunice Lake and watched it from a safe distance - it didn't even seem to notice we were there.  There is mud in spots on the trail but when the hike ended, my boots were fairly clean.  The trail is in great shape and easily followed.  Ground squirrels at the top are fairly brazen about approaching and hoping for food.  We arrived on a Wednesday a little after 9:00 with a few other cars already there, but parking was plentiful.