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Trip Report    

Day Hike - Dirty Harry's Peak

A fun, strenuous, close-in hike that the rest of the party, even though experienced local hikers, had never done before. So still often unknown. A nice alternative to Si and Mailbox. Plenty of berries now.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • No hazards. No snow. Remarkably few bugs. Also remarkably few people for a sunny Fri. Most of the cars in the small trail head parking lot seemed to belong to folks enjoying the easy access to the cool S Fork Snoqualmie River, which two of us enjoyed after the hike.

    river bathing

Wildlife: We saw 1 garter snake

Humans: Maybe only 2 others above the balcony, and even below the balcony, maybe only 8 total. But I think today was unusual

Plenty of parking when we arrived at 7:30. Even at 2:30pm parking lot still had spaces. One vehicle parked along road. Privy didn't stink bad and plenty of TP.

I mentioned to the group that the most recent trip report from WTA was 12 days old and it would be nice if it was refreshed. One of us posted this. Dirty Harry's Peak — Washington Trails Association (wta.org)

3 of us took the approx. 1/2 mile rountrip side trail to The Museum. If you have energy and curiosity, maybe "worth it." Otherwise not. The trail to The Museum was cool and shady with plenty of carins. It is just one big old truck from the 1930s or so, so very skipable if tired, pressed for time, or not interested in such things. Dirty Harry's Truck