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Day Hike - Dickerman Mountain

Great hike to the summit of Dickerman Mountain. Amazing views of more mountains than you can count.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Trail is in excellent shape. There are maybe two trees across the trail and very easy to get past. Note that at the first switchback, the trail meets the old trail. There are several logs across the trail, do not go over them even though it looks like a good trail. Instead, follow the switch back to the left. The old trail will take you back to the road. 

The trail is hard work with lots of switchbacks, but 1000% worth the effort. The summit is spacious with room for everyone and views of everything. We saw Baker, Rainer, and Glacier in the distance. Closer views of Big Four, Sperry, Vesper, and Del Campo dominated when you break into the meadow. At the summit there were excellent views of Sloan, Pugh, Whitehorse, Three Fingers, Pilchuck... just to name a few. We had clear skies and relatively low temperatures. The flowers were in bloom in the meadows. (No berries yet though).