Trip Report    

Day Hike - Deer Park via Deer Ridge

Great flora and fauna hike.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The Deer Ridge trail is in great shape.

Our original intention was to hike Deer Park to Maiden Peak. The Deer Park road was scheduled to open by July 4th, but grading is behind schedule and now listed as mid July. The road to slab camp had potholes, but really not bad for a forest service road.

In the forest, rhodys are blooming. Candy stick and Pine sap are coming up. Great alpine flower show as we got closer to the top. Of course there were deer at Deer Park, we also saw Douglas squirrel and a Snowshoe hare. We continued to the top of Blue Mountain. Unfortunately for all our hard work, we were not rewarded with views. We were in a cloud.

We saw Rhododendrons on the way up. Somehow, there seemed to be even more on the way down. It was like walking through a rhododendron tunnel.

deer grazing