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Day Hike - Chuckanut Ridge Loop

This is a great sampler of the best of the Chuckanut Mtn. "backcountry" with multiple view spots and beautiful forest. Our loop was 13 miles and 2,530'.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Unnamed trail from the end of the East Lost Lake Trail to the high point in the Burnout clear-cut is used by mountain bikes and motorized trail bikes.  Hence it is rough and gouged.  This is the only bad tread with most of it good to excellent.  The Chuckanut Ridge Trail and the East Lost Lake Trail have lots of ups and downs and twists, but are a lot of fun. 

     Met the group at Lost Lake TH at 7:30.  2 canceled so we were a group of 3 including Julie Lamonica and Nick Washburn.  We all drove in my car to Cyrus Gates.  Road was in good condition, but can be rough.  Started hiking about 8:30.  Supposed to rain/thunderstorms, but we have hazy sun and high humidity.  Hiked north on the Chuckanut Ridge Trail with frequent short view stops.  Took a short rest at the intersection with the North Lost Lake Trail.  Continued to the Raptor Ridge Trail.  This was a very scenic forest hike of about 1 mile to the intersection with a trail that says Hemlock, but on the map is Huckleberry Trail.  Found the view point just up the Raptor Trail.  Two groups already here, but they squashed up and we had plenty of room sitting on the edge of a cliff.  Great views.  Returned to the North Lost Lake Trail and continued south.  Turned onto the East Lost Lake Trail.  Took a break at the rock overlook and then continued around the Lake.  This trail is drop-dead gorgeous.  Turned right on the unanmed bike/motorbike trail.  As always, rocky, muddy and very deep in sections.  Met 5 mountain bikers roaring down the trail.  Very impressive.  Hot hike up the clear-cut with lots of flowers.  Brush and trees are really getting high.  In maybe 5 year the views to the west will be gone.  Stopped in the Burnout clear-cut for a short break.  Mt. Baker and the Cascades are socked in and the views of the San Juan’s are very hazy.  Picked up the Lost Lake Trail  using a feeder trail near the bottom of the clear-cut.  Hiked south and and then up the  beautiful Rock Trail.  Lots of thunder to our east and south.  Arrived back at the car about 17:15.

     A great hike with very humid, but sunny (hazy though) weather.  Julie and Nick were excellent party members.  Stats were: 13 miles, 2,530’ and 8.75 hours.