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Commonwealth Basin

The topo map belies how "complicated" the terrain is in the Commonwealth Basin at Snoqualmie Pass. Our group of 10 Mountaineers made the creek crossing on the log bridge (which had been cleared of snow, and steps added, by a party the previous day) and followed an existing track which led up the west side of the basin, basically the eastern approach to Guye Peak. Eventually we wanted to move farther east, but were stymied by a steep 6-8 foot drop-off into one of the branches of the creek. The risk/reward ratio didn't favor trying to cross on a snow bridge in this area, so we continued up the basin to the north west before eventually turning around, backtracking, and having lunch at a spot with a nice view of Kendall Peak. We chose a bit different route back to the trailhead, one that didn't run quite as close to the base of Guye Peak.

Fortunately the weather held, and the snow conditions (which were crusty near the trailhead) became nicer the farther up-valley we went.