Trip Report    

Climbing Conditioner - Mount Rose

Great day out with some fun and challenging snow travel!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The unpaved mile to the trailhead was in excellent condition. A few usual potholes close to the parking lot entrance. The trail below Horse Camp recently got some maintenance, so it was in great shape. Icy packed snow began two or three hundred feet above Horse Camp (left side) and micro-spikes were needed. The beaten snow track was mostly easy to follow, but post-holing gradually became serious business in several feet of snow. We had decided to not bring snowshoes, so it was challenging for the final two to three hundred feet, occasionally sinking knee deep. The track we used on the upper slope was somewhat off the main path usually taken in winter, and was a bit more "interesting"!

The weather cooperated nicely for us! Not a drop of rain or flake of snow, and not very cold. Peeks of sun actually greeted us now and then along with nice views of Lake Cushman and surrounding peaks. Saw no one else on the way up and a couple of small parties as we headed down. Time up: 3 hrs/15 minutes and slightly under 6 miles rt (up and down the steep side), 3,500' gain. It was a fun adventure with a strong group of climbing students!

Lake Cushman: IMG_2059.JPG

Looking SW: IMG_2058.JPG

Mount Elinor: IMG_2060.JPGFrozen stream crossing: IMG_3431.jpgIMG_3434.jpg