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Cashmere Mountain

Trip Date: 6/28/2014
Roundtrip miles: 16
Roundtrip elevation gain: 6000'
Elapsed time: 11 1/2 hours.

We started at 7:30 and make quick work of the trail. Filtered some extra water near Little Lake Caroline, then kept on the trail until around 6600, then dropped down 50' and up the grassy slopes. Might have been able to exit the trail earlier. Near whiteout conditions upon ascending to ridge caused most of us to put on all of our layers. At a rest break near the 8000' saddle, the clouds opened just enough to see the route to the saddle, and off we went. We ascended to 8200, then traversed at this elevation all the way until just before the north ridge. The snow was extremely soft, no need for crampons. In fact I would be surprised if it didn't all melt out in a few weeks. We stayed on snow as much as possible, however the main difficulty was popping through to the boulders under us. As we were doing the traverse it started to snow on us lightly. We headed directly to the summit, in a loose gully with wet rock. T3 conditions. At the summit we stayed just long enough for some food and pictures, then headed down the way we came.

No views today, off and on rain and snow showers at the higher elevations. Clouds would open up just enough at time to allow for some pictures of the nearby peaks.