Trip Report    

Beginner Snowshoe - Denny Creek Campground

This was a nice beginner snowshoe trip in a popular area on a good weather day. (Photo credit: Nan Peterson)

  • Snow and ice on road
  • The route to Denny Creek campground starts about 2 miles back where FR 5800 road is closed. The road itself was mostly packed down but not entirely condensed which led to post-holing - particularly for the other travelers on the route who traveled by boots. No obstructions to navigate.

An early start meant that our group could park next to the start of FR 5800, which was closed to traffic. The walk on the forest road to the campground was pleasant and mild with few other parties passing us. Since the FR closure made the approach to the campground over 2 miles, we did not continue to Franklin Falls (which would be extended the trip into the "Basic" category). We explored the campground and broke trail through the trees along the creek. We had the campground to ourselves. 

The morning snow had a slight crunch to it; by the time we were on our way back, the warmer temperatures meant wetter and softer snow. The weather was good; periods of light precipitation for most of the trip, and only turning into light rain during the last part. There were peeks of sun.

On our return trip, we passed many parties (on boots and on snowshoes). When we reached our starting point, we could see dozens of cars parked along the road. I recommend getting an early start before the crowds arrive.

Overall, our party of nine (most of whom were recent Basic Snowshoeeing graduates) had a great day practicing newly acquired snowshoe travel skills. The group members were fun and made the trip very enjoyable!

Stats: About 5 miles; minimal elevation gain; 4.5 hours including relaxing lunch break