Trip Report    

Basic Snowshoeing Field Trip - Commonwealth Basin

Great day teaching Basic Snowshoeing students .

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Conditions for snowshoeing were pretty good. There was a layer of powderery snow above a thick crust. No slippery sections. We could not get a probe through the  ice layer or dig a very large snow pit, that layer is solid.  We could see boot prints that postholed, but none of our party broke through at any point. There are so many ski and snowshoe tracks to follow, route finding is just about choosing which option to take.

The ski resort no longer wants non customers to use their lot on weekends.  We arrived by 7:30 AM and had no problem parking on the road. Once we returned, cars were parked between the No Parking signs. The weather was better than the forecast. It did snow off and on rather than the freezing rain which was predicted. Not a blue sky day, but we did get glimpses of Guye and Kendall Peaks.

The students were a great group and we had fun teaching the skills.

Snowshoer on log crossing