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Trip Report    

Basic Snowshoeing Equivalency Field Trip - Pod Version - Commonwealth Basin

Blue skies overhead as we traveled through foggy mists, with sun breaks. 4" of new snow over hard pack, the beaten trail was very beaten, though we enjoyed areas of exploring off trail.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • There was about 4" of new, light snow on top of  hard crust.  Temps around 30 degrees, and seemed close to that most of the day.  Not much deterioration of the light new snow through the day. 

    Exposed creek and running water areas were observed, with the low snow pack.  These were communicated as encountered, and when  a travel concern decisions were made as a group as to move on, or risk acceptable. 

    A quick snow pit, and depth check at 3900 ft measured at 90 cm.  

After initial meetup at the Travelers Rest, we caravaned to the Summit West lot to gear up, and hold pre-trip meeting.    Booted it across road , under I-90 to the  start of the snow.   It was hard packed where we 'shoed up.  

We traveled the summer trail - with occasional ski group, and snowshoers passing us on the way up.  We found a few spots to journey off trail for skill building, and adventure.   We stopped frequently for group navigation check ins to confirm our route, and location. 

Of note Commonwealth Creek was exposed, and we decided to pass the initial single log crossing to venture up further to find a crossing that was more agreeable.   Shortly after our crossing spot, we s struck out up the ridge to gain the central ridge trail,  to our lunch spot at about 3900 ft elevation per my GPS, and 3 + miles from TH.   Found a sunny spot, enjoyed views of Kendall Peak, Red Mountain, and Guye Peak.   This was also our turn around point, based on group discussion,  and request from a group member to make it so. 

As an Basic Equivalency trip we had a number of stoppages to discuss and experience snowshoeing skills.

My GPS track shows 6.2 miles round trip, total ascent 1290 ft.