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Basic Snowshoe - White Road

The hike was easy and the views were spectacular. Nice trip when you just want to get out and enjoy the snow.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • It was raining for most of the drive up to White Pass. The rain changed to snow just a couple hundred feet below the summit, but the road was free of snow and ice.

We arrived shortly before 10 a.m. and were the first people at the parking lot. There were only three of us, so we took only one vehicle, and it didn't take us long to hit the trail. At first, it was wet snowy and windy, kind of nasty, but the trees blocked the wind as soon as we hit the trail.Trail_01.jpg We didn't go very far before we had to stop and remove a layer. Temps were probably right around freezing.

The trip leader, Mike Ketzler, was great and kept us together as a group, which was a concern for me since I'm so much slower than everyone else. We passed by some avalanche areas and talked about the avalanche conditions, which was very informative. I am also interested in learning about the trees in the area, and he was knowledgable about those, too. 

Trail conditions were great. We saw no one else on the hike out. We stopped at the end of the trail, had lunch, and then hiked back shortly after noon. After about a mile, we ran into other people, and from then on, we ran into lots of small groups. Some had dogs and we had to sidestep a nice pile in the middle of the trail. 

View_01.jpgThis is a pretty easy hike. It starts out with a gentle slope for about 2/3 of a mile, climbing about 250 feet. From there the trail levels out a bit, gently climbing another 300 feet over the rest of the distance.

This is the most enjoyable trip I've done with the Mountaineers to date.