Trip Report    

Basic Snowshoe - Lodge Lake

A fun day in the snow. Never had so many backup plans before, but we found a safe place to snowshoe in a storm.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • We started with the winter out of bounds route. We had some deep powder up near the top, there was so much new snow. Once we connected to the PCT below Beaver Lake, the going wasn't too rough. We had chunky snow falling. Since the ski resort wasn't open, it didn't seem necessary to stay out of bounds. so we found a cat track to follow down -  so easy after all the breaking trail on the way up.

We had a hardy group that was up for fun in the snow. The original plan was Reflection Lakes. By Wednesday it was apparent that too much snow was coming for the Paradise gate to open.  I started researching alternates and had thee backup plans ranked for Saturday.  Chains were required at Snoqualmie Pass except for AWD. We had no problems driving. Parking was another matter. The ski resort wasn't open and their lots weren't plowed, so everyone was using the street. We did find parking across from Travelers Rest.

We had a great time . It was the first snowshoe trip of the season for all of us. It was hard work breaking trail, but worth it. We rested at Beaver Lake and had lunch at Lodge Lake. It was  just our group once we hit the PCT. On the  way home we were glad that the pass had been driveable. There really was't much snow below the pass and we would have been in the rain on the  backup plan trails below the pass. 

Four people snowshoe downhill with snowy peaks above.