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Basic Snowshoe - High Lakes Loop

The High Lakes, a collection of small lakes (flat areas in the snow, to be honest) provide an interesting variation on the usual marked trails in the Paradise/Mazama Ridge/Narada Falls area. Untraveled snow and an excellent view from Faraway Rock add to the interest.

  • Snow and ice on road
  • Great snow! Icy wind!

Temperatures in the teens, with windchill lowering it even more, kept the crowds down at the Narada Falls parking lot. We bundled up and headed up the trail to Reflection Lakes/Paradise, then south toward Reflection Lakes but avoiding all roads. The creek crossing was interesting, given about 6 ft of snow on the log bridge. At a small saddle on the very south end of Mazama Ridge  we left the trail and headed east up the ridge to the lake area, skipping Lost Lake but meandering among the smaller ones to end up at Faraway Rock. The terrain is complex, so there were frequent stops to consult the GPS/GAIA and maps. We saw no other people and only one set of prints. The deep powder snow was lovely and made the descent between Louise Lake and Reflection Lakes very easy. Return was via the Stevens Canyon Road, as both snow and wind were increasing. Reports were of windchill of 1 degree, and it felt like it.