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Basic Snowshoe - Commonwealth Basin

A fun day on the trail with some newer, and some more experienced snowshoers on the old Commonwealth Basin trail. There was a large boyscout troup starting out at the same time, and a couple of ranger lead trips. Trail was well packed, but off the trail the snow was in good condition creating our own road from time to time.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Trail well trodden.  Moderate avalanche level.  Exercised due caution for water hazard exploring around Commonwealth Creek. 

A fun day on the trail with some newer, and some more experienced snowshoers.  A bit of low overcast as we headed up the old Commonwealth Trail.   We wandered over off the trail to get a view of a bit of the falls, a nice photo spot.

The trail was well trodden as we headed up.  A large boy scout troup was starting out, and a couple of ranger trips.   We managed to find some fresh snow along a couple sections, cutting the meandering trail, to create a bit of our own, then joining back on.   Thinking perhaps the ridge a just west of the main trail might be offer more opportunity, and fewer groups, we began to look for the 2nd bridge- though we had passed.  We explored downstream, an eventually found a suitable stable crossing at about 3600 ft, short of the large log bridge (we located on the return trip). and linked up with a trail up the ridge.    We headed northward along the established trail on ridge through the woods.  The clouds had separated enough we had glimpses of Kendall Peak, and Red Mountain then.   We lunched at about 3920ft- with views of the peaks, and their snow covered flanks, blue sky openings, and sun peering through the trees.

The weather report indicated temps might get up into the upper 30s, my track showed temps stayed low 30s, and the snow did not get heavy/wet.  Experienced some crustiness where trees had shed, but overall a fun engaged group, and a good day of snowshoeing.               

The leader had set the return to TH time of 2 pm, and we arrived back at 1:59- Yay!