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Basic Snowshoe - Barclay Lake

did not make the lake

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Road was impassable short of 2.5 miles due to tree fall.  We cut one tree with a bow saw I brought but the next one was just too big so we quit and started hiking the rest of the way. Put snow shoes on 1/2 mile from trailhead. Passed a couple of people that turned around that were planning on doing Baring as a climb, they said the conditions were way too wild.  Another person without snowshoes also turned around.  We went almost to the lake but the trail was difficult to find and there were a lot of tree obstacles that made the trip almost impossible.  We went the furthest than anyone else and even though we did not make our destination we went a lot further with a lot harder trip (this was NOT an easy snowshoe by any means).  I consider this successful not because we made our destination but because we got a long way and had a lot of fun as well as got out and played in the snow.  On the way back someone had cut all the trees up to the tree fall short of 1.5 miles.  See picture, this one would have taken a ton of time too clear.  I plan on going up to this area in the late spring to see what the trail actually looks like, just for fun.