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Trip Report    

Basic Glacier Climb - Sherman Peak/Grant Peak/Squak Glacier (Mount Baker)

Successful summit of Grant Peak up the Squak Glacier route.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The glacier route was intact to the base of Sherman Peak and then to the summit of Grant Peak.

    Before the route merges with the Easton route there are a few openings in the glacier that won't be  intact for much longer.   There could be ways to get around them. 

We took the Scott Paul Trail to base camp at 6'000.  There was a little snow on the trail right before base camp.  The camp area was snow free with lots of areas for tents.  Found a little stream from snow melt above that was a great place for getting water.   Initially we  considered camping at 6'500. After seeing the camp at 6'000 and the route being snow covered from that spot it made sense to stop here for the night.   This camp area allowed for us to get onto the route easily in the morning.  

We had an alpine start and made it to the summit of Grant Peak. Decided not to go up Sherman Peak, as it's all melted out and rocky.  If this trip had taken place in early June as initially planed we would have went for Sherman Peak.  I didn't want to spend time trying to get to the summit if it wasn't possible when the snow has melted.  

It was my first time on this route, there wasn't a consistent boot path on this route.  Luckily it was easy to follow & stay on the route (through GPS maps) in the early hours before the sun came up. Once the sun was up the trail merged with Easton and from there the path was well traveled and defined.

Overall it was a fun trip that provided students the ability practice and use glacier travel skills. 

Thank you Nick for the mentoring!  

-- Base camp - highly recommend this location --

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-- Taking a break before the last push to base of Sherman Peak -- 

Mount Baker_July 2021 (63).JPG

-- Moving towards end of Squak route, Sherman Peak on the right and

junction with Easton route to left --

Mount Baker_July 2021 (83).JPG

-- moving around and past openings in the crevasses -- 

Mount Baker_July 2021 (84).JPG

-- summit plateau from true summit, being late in season cracks are visible --

Mount Baker_July 2021 (92).JPG