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Trip Report    

Basic Glacier Climb - Glacier Peak/Disappointment Peak Cleaver

Great trip with great folks. Made it to 9,300 feet then decided to bail due to thunderstorms building.

  • Road rough but passable
  • Great trail up to White Pass. Occasional snow in gulleys beyond White Pass. Almost all compact snow after the 6,000 ft. heather-filled pass.

Saturday 6/29/10: Late start from trailhead due to a ferry issue – started hiking at 10am. Made it to White Pass around 3 pm, then continued on the Foam Creek trail and down into the valley and back out to the heather-filled saddle at around 6 or 7pm (about 12 miles). The group was tired and it did not look like there were any snow-free campsites after that so we decided to stay on the saddle and melted snow – beautiful sunset and views.GlacierPeak (46).jpg

Sunday 6/30/19: Started hiking at 530am toward Glacier Gap on mostly snow. Forecast called for a possibility of thunderstorms later in the day so watched the weather carefully. Climbed above Glacier Gap and roped up on the glacier around 10am. At 9300 ft we decided to turn around due to clouds building. On the way back to camp, there was some thunder and a little rain. Since the storm was dissipating, we decided not to move camp and all went to sleep early with the sun coming out late in the evening.GlacierPeak (89).jpg

Monday 7/1/19: Broke camp and started hiking back to the trailhead around 7am moving leisurely arriving at cars midafternoon. Dinner in Darrington at the Burger Barn was perfect! Everyone did a great job.GlacierPeak (131).jpg

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Thanks to Debbee Lynn for the mentor support.

Bill Bandrowski, Mentored Lead