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Basic Alpine Climb - Yellowjacket Tower/East Flank

Ticks !!! lots of ticks. All according to Mtners TR. Go 6.0 miles not 6.1.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Fine 

Hike to the base of chock stone on well defined trail. Find path of least resistance. We went up to the right to a short 4th class move then back into the gully to the left. Pick you path. Once above the obstruction hiked the center gully to the skyline, we could see the pink/red/yellow chicken head wall from below. The hidden gully starts just below the featured wall. Traversed from the east overlook (col) over to the start of the hidden gully. From the gully put on harness and set up a landline. There is a tough move about half way up if you are wearing boots, just be warned.

The route starts not at the tree higher up but at the two bolts 2/3 the way up next to a very dead tree. From here we climbed the first pitch then the second pitch. I used a purple Camp tricam in the pocket. We set up TR for students to tag summit.

Decent- we did a single rope rap from the summit to the start of the second pitch . Then one single rope rap from top of first pitch to top hidden gully. From top of hidden gully another single rope rappel to the start of hidden fully.(off to the side not in the gully) From the start of hidden gully a double rope down over some snow and downed trees. Scrambled down, not far, to the top of chock stone.
Single rap over chock stone then walk home.

Be sure to check yourself for ticks at the end of the day.