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Basic Alpine Climb - The Tooth/South Face

we had a great time. fantastic day and only 2 other parties of 2 on the route.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Route is clear of snow, and rap anchor at the top of pitch #2 is moved 20 feet below on climber's right to a bigger tree.

Started out around 7 AM, first team summited around 12:30. good times were had :)


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Cebe Wallace
Cebe Wallace says:
Aug 30, 2016 06:29 PM


Manisha Powar plans to apply for the leaders list. She was mentored leader on this climb, while I tagged along to keep it legal.

Manisha really did the whole thing, from original posting, through organizing the roster and logistics, to being leader on climb day. She gave preference to students needing credit. I had thought of that but forget to mention it, but Manisha did it on the own. This also meant shifting the roster around somewhat to move up the students who were lacking climbs - an administrative hassle which she handled very well.

Manisha did a thorough introduction and briefing at the trailhead, including asking about any medical problems which could become an issue. I believe this is an excellent practice, and was glad to see her do it.

She decided on rope teams while we were still on the approach. I have found this be a good practice, as it relieves some of the tension for the students. We encountered a few other parties enroute who arrived after us but were faster, being only groups of two. Manisha courteously and efficiently arranged for them to climb through us so that nobody was inconvenienced. This is good manners and very good PR for the Mountaineers. It was handled well.

Manisha also arranged our rappels efficiently, and gave students quite a bit of instruction on safety procedures. She was last down on the first rappel so she had a chance to watch every member set up their rappels - again, I believe a good practice to ensure safety.

There is more of course; it was a long day. However, the bottom line is that Manisha Powar led this climb from setup through return in a flawless manner. And I should add that it was a happy party. She kept it light and fun, but never lost track of safety, making sure that good practices were employed throughout.

IMO, she's ready!