Trip Report    

Basic Alpine Climb - The Tooth/South Face

Beautiful views from the top of the Tooth.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Unfortunately we had to park at the lower Alpental lot because there was a sign barricading the road.  It opened around 6:30am as we were departing, but the sign read it would close at 4:30pm.

    The snow was firm enough to not need snowshoes and soft enough to not need crampons either.  Winter route to Pineapple Pass was in good shape although some care needed to step on to the rock as the snow was undercut in some areas.  Photo of getting on the rock.33472169_206615696794379_7103721507804676096_n.jpg

We 6 ladies had a wonderful day climbing the Tooth on a beautiful day in which we had the route all to ourselves.

We left the lower Alpental parking lot around 6:30am carrying snowshoes, but ditched them very early on near the water tower (I think it is a water tower.)    We arrived at the base of our climb around 9:30am and the first team started up about 10am arriving at the summit 2 hours later.  The last person arrived on the summit around 12:45pm.   33386613_10211681726455598_8095171178592731136_o.jpgForty five minutes later the rappel was set up with a couple rope leads rappelling first and then all the students.   


After 4 rappels, we were all at the base around 3pm.  A few nice glissades and easy plunge stepping had us back at our cars by 5:30pm.  Great day with these lovely ladies!