Trip Report    

Basic Alpine Climb - Lundin Peak/West Ridge

Nice approach and climb once out of the trees.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Paved road all the way to the parking area.

The climb was on 10/4/17. 

The trail starts across the street from the Alpental Parking area.  It's not the trail going to Snow Lake, but the one for Snoqualmie Mtn.  The trail is very rocky, like hiking in a stream bed.  Continue past the unmarked intersection to Guye Peak and the now dry waterfall.  Not far from that, we start heading steeply up until we enter a "draw"  and are out of the trees and have some beautiful, fall color.  We climb up to a ridge and then have Cave Ridge views.  Following the ridge northwest and then northeast we pass the wreckage of a small plane and then reach the base of the climb.  

We leave poles and other non-climbing items at the base and scramble up to the ridge's saddle and rope up for the first low 5th class pitch.  We are a group of 3 on 1 - 60m rope (tying in using the double end-roping technique) due to a last minute cancellation.

I don't remember the route as well as I thought I would from doing it the previous year.  Probably because I just followed then.   Not having climbed for basically a year, it's slow going, but my followers are very patient.  We rope up at about 11:40am and reach the summit around 2:15pm.  There is still a bit of snow on the west side, but nothing to be concerned about. During this time I want to change into my to rock shoes soon after starting the crux pitch.  

We start rappeling around 3pm and are back to the car around 7pm.  What a nice day with 2 other climbers in pink.