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Basic Alpine Climb - Guye Peak/West Face

Guye Peak/West Face will offer bit of everything for a sunny summer day climb.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

It was a beautiful day for this climb.  This is desirable because if the ground and rock is moist or damp I would punt this one.  There’s scrambling over lichen and dirty rock.  Debris and some loose rock await the climber on top of the last (crux) pitch.  Each rock pitch has minimal sound and zero visible communications if you do the full pitch. So leaders on a windy day will have zip communication with a second and vice versa.  That's most of the "what to watch for".  

Last but not least, the talus approach takes some time.  Keep ascending toward climbers left until all the wannabe ramp options are exhausted.  There’s no shortage of gullies on Guye.  On a beautiful day, as we had, this climb is a hoot.