Trip Report    

Basic Alpine Climb - Bacon

Suffer fest with miles of up and down on endless glacial scree. If you really want to take home the Bacon, do this in a three day, or perhaps from a different approach.

  • Road rough but passable
  • This climb was listed as a fair approach, possibly able to do in a one day with a fast group, and is definitely a misunderestimate of the toughness of the terrain. Our extremely experienced and tough-cookie-of-a-leader even called this one a suffer fest that he wouldn't likely attempt again! I think the confusion came from very old trip reports and map features, neither of which may be valid any more. On the map it looks like you cross over the skirt of a glacier traversing around Watson Peak and the surrounding ridge... but climate change is real folks and that glacier no longer exists. It took our party 6+ hours of exhausting travel over glacial moraines to reach the saddle at 4900', at which point we determined we neither had the strength nor the gusto to continue on. We made camp there in a gorgeous little meadow and at least had a stunning sunset over Baker and Shuksan as our consolation prize. Rumor has it there are other approaches to these mountains that are a lot more doable. I would consider researching those first before attempting these peaks!

Off the main Watson/Anderson Lake trail you take a climber's path that follows the ridge line. This offers amazing view of the valley and Watson lakes below. IMG_6093.JPG

From our camp at 4900' we had a stunning sunset of Shuksan and Mount Baker. Heather and other wildflowers were in gorgeous bloom. IMG_6116.jpg