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Backpack - Ozette Triangle

All went well. Saw three sea otters---take good binoculars---and one land otter. Lots of eagles. No logistical problems

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Two headlands need to be crossed at a moderately low tide, so, as always, look at your tide tables.  Boardwalks to and from beach in reasonable condition.  Beach hike mostly easy sand.  Short area with deep difficult sand and two short stretches of boulders around headlands. 

This is a terrific training backpack or backpack for kids.  It is a long drive but a short hike, so works well for a relaxed first day in.  Fun to practice fire making techniques at Cape Alava and camp stove cooking at Sand Point.  Sand Point has the classic crescent beach for walking barefoot or beach bathing.  Cape Alava is more about rocks and tidepools.  The starfish are starting to come back.  Campsites at both locations are in the woods above the beach and most were spacious enough for our four small tents.