Trip Report    

Backpack - Olympic Coast North: The Shipwreck Coast

B3 overnight of the Ozette triangle, campsite at Yellow Banks

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The Wilderness Information Center gave out their last bear canister (an old metal one that they had to dig up from the basement) to the pair of backpackers just before us (this was around 9:15AM on Saturday) and they said they'd run out on the past four or five weekends. Fortunately we had enough to go around. When we arrived at 9AM the line wasn't quite out the door.

    The forecast degraded from sunny/partly cloudy to morning fog, but it was solid fog for most of the trip so views were a bit lacking and we missed out on the full moon. Water sources were minimal, several blue lines on the map were nothing but trickles across the sand with some not even making it to the ocean. The lower third of the steep trail up to the Yellow Banks campsite (near the giant stump covered in buoys) had water running down it so we used that to gather water (and, since it was above the beach, the water was sand-free). Bugs were a non-issue, I think I noticed one or two mosquitoes while in camp. There were two people camping in hammocks at the north end of Yellow Banks and two more people camping in one of the driftwood "forts" on the beach, but other than that the place was pretty quiet - nobody else even came up to the large campsite while we were there.