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Backpack - Lake Lillian, Rampart & Lila Lakes

The best time of year to backpack in this region because of the fall colors and no mosquitos!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The trail up to Lake Lillian was in good condition. After Lake Lillian you will be on part of a primitive (not trail maintained) trail.

    Things to look out for: About a 1/2 mile before we came to Lake Lillian we hit a junction that to the right had a log over the entrance of the trail (usually indicating do not go this way). We went to the left which led us to the Lake Laura and Rocky Run Falls. It took us some time to realize we were going the wrong direction. Once back at the junction the trail to Lake Lillian is not clear so look to turn right over a large rock slab to get on the correct trail. 

    The trail to Lake Lillian ends right at the base of the lake. There is a trail leading to the right to go up and around Lake Lillian. I do not recommend going this route as there is some exposure and a large rock to scramble.  To go around Lake Lillian toward Rampart Lakes you will want to backtrack from Lake Lillian by about 0.1 miles for the alternative trail that will not have as much exposure. The trail leading up and out of the Lake Lillian area has a 400 foot ascent and it very rocky and at times calls for using your hands to climb. 

    The rest of the trail to Rampart is easy to find and see. The descent to Rampart Lakes is steep and you will want to take it slow with poles.

    We chose to come back on day 3 via Rachel Lake as it would have been too difficult with packs to come down the steep terrain to Lake Lillian. This is best to do as a day hike if you are in top condition. 

We camped for two nights at Lila Lake.  It was a beautiful site and for a Friday quiet from other campers. Saturday night had more campers but overall a serene area. The next day we climbed up Alta Mountain to the last false summit  to take a break have a snack and enjoy the views. The final summit has some scrambling that we choose not to do. 

Day 1- Lake Lillian TH to Lila Lake  8.34 miles, 3,270 elevation, 1.7 pace

Day 2 - Alta Mountain and lunch at Rampart Lakes 4.6 miles and 1,515 elevation 1.8 pace

Day 3 - Lila Lake to Rachel Lake TH- 5.27 miles, 1.7 pace.