Trip Report    

Backpack - Gobblers Knob

Probably one of the most rewarding trips for me so far! A challenge, but oh so worth it. The views and the people in our group were spectacular!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The route was great. Small scary area.  See Trip Report.

Day 1 - We met at the Puyallup Park and ride at 7am. We convoyed up to the Trailhead and got there around 8:45 am.  The parking was pretty sparse, but could see that some spots would open as we passed people that were coming down as we were going up. We started our 8 person trek up to Lake George from the West Trail head about 9:15 am. The ascent was mostly on a gravel road next to the river, and the next 1.5 up  a nice steeper trail.  Perfect and soft  under our feet and big trees provided ample shade from the sun. No big rocks, could actually look around and walk at the same time.  Got to the sparkling Lake George around 11:30am and set up our tents in the permit required Group site. A little small for 8, but brought us closer together. :) We explored the area to find a nice toilet, amphitheater (in case we wanted put on a skit), bear poles, and 5 other nice camp sites that require a permit on a first come first served basis; the trails were nice throughout. After  a little lunch we headed up 1.5 miles to Gobbler's Knob. Pretty steep but not really rocky till the end.  The lookout was neat. Locked up, but we could walk around the outside.  Clouds were around the mountain, but would clear with window views.  It was pretty cool.IMG_2903.jpg



Day 2 - We leave camp around 8. We stop at the Marine Memorial on the gravel road and pay our respects then start our adventure down the Round Pass Trail (South Puyallup River Trail); our destination; the Basalt Columns.  WOW!  never seen rock formations like that.  Natures finest!!!  It was a great place to snack with a nearby outdoor toilet. (The kind you can pull out your camera and take a picture of the view) Still early, our leaders suggest an option of continuing up to the Wonderland Trail. Duh!  How could we say no?! So off we went!  Plenty of up and down elevation and a little scary part for me up to Emerald Ridge. The trail at one little peak was very small, maybe 12  inches across with dry dirt, with a huge drop off into the Tahoma Glacier; No worries though, I'm (the one a little afraid of heights) still here! :) At the top, we settled in a meadow for lunch. The views were absolutely phenomenal!  This will no doubt be the closest I get to the top of Mt. Rainer. Wow!  The dirty and white glacier's, the rivers running through them, the waterfalls....WOW! Just WOW!  (My "word" for this trip....WOW!)  A few hikers passed through as we sat amazed.  After about 1.5 hours we headed back down, up and down, and up and up again.  Lots of work, but we made it back to camp, physically tired, but our adventure was well worth it. Definitely one for the books.




Day 3 - We are packed and ready to hike out by 8.  Our fearless leader Gene took in the sunrise at Gobblers Knob.  We were invited, but we were too pooped after yesterdays shenanigans.  We head down the trail, all down...easy peasy, and reward our adventure by meeting up at the Cider Mill Haus in Eatonville.  They were very good to us and we enjoyed some corn hole, the most delicious food and a few of us enjoyed some flights of cider. YUM!


Our leaders - Gene and Marjorie were outstanding.  Could not ask for better. Kind, considerate and caring, and open to new ideas and providing options!


Our group. - They were so fun.  Also kind, caring, calm and just plain cool.  Everyone sharing their backpacking wares and wisdom.  I think we all learned something new from each other. I can't wait to go on another adventure with these folk again. Bringing the mini cribbage board next time!! ;)