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Backpack - Cathedral Rock-Deception Pass-Tuck & Robin Lakes

A challenging three day backpack trip, with incredible views.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Followed marked trails through out  the trip, not having any problems finding our way.  The trail to Peggy's Pond from the Pacific Crest Trail was very challenging, involving a short scramble at one point and narrow tread but worth making it to the camping area. Also crossing a large creek (name unknown) without a bridge, thankfully cairns marked the route to be taken to safely cross.

Parked cars in an overflow parking area Friday morning, and then started up trail # 1345 from Tacquala Meadows to reach the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). this trail was in forest and moderately 'up' until near the junction with the PCT. approaching the PCT incredible view of Cathedral Rock (spire). Continued on the PCT south approximately 1/4 mile to junction with trail  to Peggy's Pond.

Trail to Peggy''s Pond started easy, but quickly became a mild scramble traversing side of mountain. After a short distance trail became indistinct and we had to scramble down hill a short distance to continue on. Trail continued on, narrow in spots until reaching vegetation where trail splits going uphill sharply or straight. We followed the straight trail upon advice from other hikers coming out from the area. trail climbed upwards and into a basin and eventually to Peggy's Pond. Lovely spot. (toilet was difficult to find initially.)  Followed same trail back out to the PCT on Saturday  morning, seemed quicker than going in.

We then went north on trail # 2000 (PCT). We reached a creek after about two miles from trail # 1345, which required a couple of attempts to safely cross on rocks. (We followed trail down to the creek, then cairns to a spot that was clearly unsafe. we eventually found cairns marking another crossing spot further back up the trail. We were then able  to safely cross. we continued going north on the PCT, stopping for lunch a designated campground, then continued on to Deception Pass. Then looking at the time (approximately 2:30 PM), went started down Trail # 1376 back towards Tacquala Meadows as per plan. after going about 1/2 mile down this trail, we found a campsite just off the trail to Tuck & Robin Lakes.

On Sunday, we came down Trail # 1376 back to our cars.


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Frank McCracken
Frank McCracken says:
Aug 26, 2019 08:35 AM

Upon return to Puyallup/South Hill Parking lot, one of our participants found his car vandalized. Someone had broken the front passenger car window. After a quick search, the driver did not find anything taken from the inside of the car. I advised him to contact the Puyallup Police non-emergency telephone line to report the incident..