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Backpack - Carne Mountain

Do not go here in July, save it for the fall.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Road to the trailhead is in decent shape, although we walked the Phelps Creek road.

    Blowdowns on the trail and it is brushy, but otherwise in good shape.  It is steep and there is no water source until the basin below Carne.

Unless you want to be drained of blood and driven mad, DO NOT go to Carne mountain in July. Trip was cut short by horrible mosquitoes. Save this one for the fall.  

Room for a few tents in the basin below Carne Mountain.  There was snowmelt as well as the spring for water this time of year.  Trail from the basin to the top of Carne was still mostly covered in snow this time.  Even on the ridge and near the summit of Carne the mosquitoes were terrible clouds of zombie blood-lusting horror.