Trip Report    

Backcountry Ski/Snowboard - Hex Mountain (winter)

Sufficient snow to start skinning at the trail head. We took a clockwise loop that offers about 25% of the ascent "off road".

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

Light snow fell throughout our tour. Wind was light and visibility was very good despite the low cloud deck.

Once we ascended to the Hex Mtn trail, it became obvious how much vegetation and small trees were consumed by 2018's wildfires. On past ski tours of Hex, over the past five or so years, I'd never chosen to descend the south face adjacent to the hiking trail. This tour, with light dry powder offering relatively good coverage, we descended the south face which offered some very enjoyable tree skiing.

Unfortunately, one skier struck a buried tree branch and badly damaged one ski. Fortunately, no injury resulted.

Once we returned to the Hex Mtn trailhead, we descended the logging road back to the cars. The center of the road was packed-down ice making snowplowing necessary to control speed.