Trip Report    

Backcountry Ski/Snowboard - Crystal Mountain Backcountry

Enjoyable outing. Brian did an excellent job co-leading.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Skinning up Discovery Meadow and Quicksilver was straightforward.    One steeper section just below the ski racer shack near the top of Quicksilver required some folks to herringbone due to icy snow.

    Beacon search practice  in the "meadow" below Threeway basin was valuable.    NWAC avy forecast was "low" and the snow structure observed from on the go tests were consistent with the NWAC reports,  so we didn't do a more extensive snow study.    There was about 3 inches of new on top of a mostly supportive crust.    We skinned up to the "party knoll" bench and opted for skiing parallel to the skin track for the 1st run.    Skiing was varied with some areas having slightly deeper wind drifted snow and other areas wind scoured.  The crust underneath was semi supportive,  with skis sinking into the crust enough to require aggressive unweighting to initiate the next turn , but strong enough that the skis didn't punch through and result in a face plant.

    After a lunch break back in the "meadow" we skinned back up to the "party knoll" and discussed options.   We chose to skin further up in the basin SE of "party knoll"  I skinned up to the "black rock" and waited with one other while Brian led the rest of the group up a boot pack to the notch east of Threeway peak.      Brian and crew enjoyed some sun and views.       Brian lead the group down from there to the "meadow" with me skiing "tailgunner"    ,  I lead the group through the forest trail back to the top of Quicksilver and them we dodged lift skiers down Quicksilver and Discovery before walking through the plaza and to the Snorting Elk as sadly there isn't enough coverage to ski to the Snorting Elk at this time.

    Google Photos from the group.


    Strava recording