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Argonaut Peak/South Route

7/11-12, 2014
Left town 3pm, got to camp at Ingalls Creek 9pm. Next day started hiking 5:30am. From Ingalls Creek trail, ascended straight uphill, avoiding brush, finding game trails to 5,200', found way through brush, about 5 min of brush, came out on shoulder of main gully. Hiked shoulder to 6,600' then climbed gully. At 7,100', took left fork, some 3rd class moves, got to final crux gully. 3 people free climbed, put in a hand line for the others who prussic up. Easy climb along ridge to summit. 5 hours on ascent. Took right gully on the way down as it looked broader and easier to descend. When coming to a face that can't be downclimbed, walk along a ledge past a small tree that has rappel slings, once past the tree can easily hike down a ramp, no need to rappel. Found path across brush, 4 min through, hiked downhill to trail and to camp. 3.5 hours descent. Hiked out, got to cars at 6:30pm. Thought this was a scramble, but really basic alpine as 4th class move is more than most scramblers are comfortable with, and required a rappel.