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Alpine Scramble - Yellow Aster Butte

Good tread, super views, almost no snow on the route and a short easy scramble from the hiker's summit.

  • Road rough but passable
  •   The tread was in good shape.  Grades are generally moderate till the last section before reaching the hiker's summit.  A few snow patches over running water.  Only a few flowers out, but in about a week or so the meadows should be beautiful.  The scramble trail to the real summit is easy, but the first section could be difficult for someone who is sensitive to exposure.  With snow it would be EXCITING. 

      The actual summit has numerous route choices.  I've tried several and have found the best is to go up the slabs at the end of the ridge trail.  Reach the edge of the ridge and then continue near the edge of the cliff on the east side through low trees.  Then stay on the scramble trail staying to the left when given a choice.  The last left ducks under a big branch and curves around and then up to the summit with only a little loose stuff.  The summit was either hit by lightning or someone used explosives about 3-4 years ago creating a small flat spot that will comfortably hold about 6. 

  Met in Beilingham at Sunset shopping center at 7:30.  We were a party of 7.  Consolidated into 2 vehicles for the rough FS road.   Started up the trail at 9:43, elev. 3,680 ft.  Moderate pace and we took numerous food and view stops.  Reached the hiking summit at 13:00, took a very short break and summited at 14:00.  The summit is not the best place for a good break so we returned to the hiking summit for a long break.  Views were spectacular.  Started down about 15:15 and were back at the trailhead at 17:40.  Stats were: 8 hours, 3,080 ft. and 8 miles.

  Had dinner at Chair 9 in Glacier.  Food was good.  Service was terrible, due to what was probably lack of staff.  We almost fell into our plates we were so tired before we ate.