Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Vesper Peak

Great one day trip, ideally planned as a scouting trip for Vesper - Sperry peak. Good group, efficient trip, less than 8 hrs round trip

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Road in great condition, but parking a problem, as Sam search parties are still flowing in. So start really early and aim to be at the trail head by 7-7.30 am

Near clear days. Neat trail in good condition. Watch out for the 3-4 stream crossings, the log bridges were wet when we crossed and definitely poles helped.

We had a perfect weather day and lots of blue berries and lots of hikers in the trail and up to Vesper peak.



We took constant breaks along the way , especially once we got out of the humid meadows which had markings for the search party, 



The scramble up was mostly un-eventful as cairns helped us navigate all the way up. Some students wanted to spice it up, to their comfort levels. Everyone did great 


Hike down , we took it easy and made it back in time for a food stop. However all the efficient hiking was put to waste, as we waited for 90 minutes before our food was served