Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Tomyhoi Peak/Southeast Route

Limited views due to the clouds, but no smoke at least.

  • Road rough but passable
  • Trail and bootpath all the way to the snow.  Snow section short, some used crampons.  Rock scramble straightforward, watch out for loose rocks on final scramble to summit.

Tarns below Yellow Aster Butte.  Lots of cars at trailhead even on a Saturday morning, but there is plenty of room for lots of tents here.  We topped off our water bottles before continuing since we were just doing a day trip.


There is a bootpath that comes and goes all the way to the snow field.  Snow crossing was one inch of slush on top of solid ice.  Some wore crampons,  a few of us that did not used this technique to cross the snow at a steep part:


From the false summit you descend to the notch and then go up the gully/chimney, looks hard, but is easy to follow once you are there.  In cover picture is a solo climbing that is on route.  Then there is one section that you can either straddle as in the picture or use small ledges below that.P9010026.JPG

However it is so easy that even a 6 and 8 year can do it:  


On the way back we took a vote and unanimously agreed to visit Yellow Aster Butte, despite no promises of any better views.


As expected, the weather cleared right as we neared the trailhead, saving us from having to drive home with no views.


Dinner at Chair 9 in Glacier - where sadly they no longer serve sandwiches, just pizza and apps.  

Stats:  14 miles, 5000' elevation gain, 10 1/2 hours.

Animals: Pika, Marmots, Grouse

Flowers: Yellow, Purple, Red, and White.

Berries:  Tons