Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Sourdough Mountain

Blue bird day - Great 360' views. 8.5 hours round trip. Wet and heavy snow - with some icy patches in the lower elevations.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  •  Please read trip report

The road is clear all the way to the trail head. The trail starts steep as expected, there is some fresh snow and icy patches in the lower elevations for about 0.5 miles and 200 feet , but can be avoided by stepping on rocks. Snow starts at about 2200 feet, still manageable without snow shoes - but be ready for some post holding. 


At the junction of the summer/winter trail head breaking point. Snowshoes are required. The trail from groups earlier in the week was visible, but fresh snow meant - we had to break trail in fresh and wet heavy snow. 

There is one sharp steep ridge, which we snowshoed up - carefully as the sun was beating down the soft wet snow.


The ridge was mostly wind swept and flat, with no avalanche danger. snow was soft with the sun beating down - so no need of crampons here



On the way back, the steep ridge, posted some interesting options, snow shoes didn't work as the snow was felt. So one of us face climbed, other down climbed with a self belay. 


The route after you get over the trees, will show examples of wet loose small avalanches triggered across most of the slopes (even though small ones, we had to keep an eye and kept moving faster and one by one, in open areas)




Overall a great strong group - all of us ran out of water(2-3L we carried) by the time we reached the trail head (though we carried a stove and filtering equipment, we didn't melt snow)


We also had great views of Diablo lake and the rest of North cascades on our way down 


The best part of the entire trip was definitely the find of "Buttermilk Fried chicken" at Magnolia bar and grill near Sedro Wooley