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Alpine Scramble - Silver Peak

Silver Peak Scramble - Sat. July 8, 2016 We took a scramble route to this summit in bluebird weather, crossing the first couple of creeks about a quarter mile south on the PCT (just past the recovering clearcut area, just after the forest begins) then leaving the trail to the right/west in order to round the cliffs at the end of the peak's NW spur to their north; we then crossed the third creek and continued on rock fields, steep forest, and alongside a picturesque creek/waterfall up onto snow in Silver's upper north basin. From there we took a steep route up talus to gain the west ridge of the peak, rolled over to its south (Lake Annette-facing side) and followed the usual contouring waytrails up to the peak. We exited along the west drainage from the upper basin, were able to glissade one remaining snowfield, then found the hidden ridge trail that ultimately connects to a side trail through the clearcut to the end of one of the maze of logging roads, which led us back to the cars parked at Windy Pass on the FS road. The road is open and snow-free, but low and rough in the usual places. Street vehicles can reach the trail head if driven prudently in the rough spots.

  • Road rough but passable
  • See above.  Students may select Snow or Rock or Other for this trip, since we encountered significant skills-testing stretches of snow, rock, and bushwhacking.


See above.