Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Red Mountain (Commonwealth Basin)

Wet day but overall a great scramble. Started at 8 from the trail head with 8hr car to car. Good beginner rock scramble for students. We started with the trail a little ways up, veered off into some rocks to assess how comfortable everyone was on rocks. Once we saw all were eager to do more rock scrambling. We took the straight up route, there was some scree being pushed but we stuck together as a group. 10 minutes at the summit and down climb back to the lake. One student forgot their helmet, so we made them wait at the red pond till we got back, with cell phone reception there and protection from wind, it was a safer option. Creek crossings were a little tricky as the second creek crossing after the logged one, was running above the rocks, two of the scramblers including me, got our boots wet trying to get others over the rock, on the way up. Students took turns navigating and route finding. Overall a great trip and fun group. This trip can definitely be done even in wet rock. Watch out for the creek crossings this time of the year. Was 10/20 snoqualmie peaks for me

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Road comfortable to drive

See above

The trail cuts really soon and is not really obvious once we start from the PCT trail head

First Logged creek crossing. 



Some bush whacking once we veered off the trail



Practicing rock scrambling and sticking together as a group to avoid any possible rock fall





Summit ice and views and we head down


IMG_20180630_120420 (1).jpg