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Alpine Scramble - Petunia Peaks

This was an excellent trip in a very scenic area. North Petunia was an easy scramble, Petunia was much more challenging.

  • Road rough but passable
  • Where the trail crossed the Dungeness River, there is an unofficial path that stays on the west side.  Without knowing for sure how difficult the crossing at Camp Handy would be, we took that west side path, which has lots of minor ups and downs and one significant tree to get around (on the way back it was easier to go over it).   It's a little confusing to find the start of the Goat Lake trail, but once you're on it, it is easy to follow and in good condition.  One very exposed section has lots of trees and branches to hold onto.

    From Goat Lake, getting to the saddle and to North Petunia Peak is straightforward.  For Petunia, we had snow in the broad NW-facing gully that was hard enough to require crampons for a brief stretch.  At the top of that gully, you make a left turn up a stable talus slope to a much narrower gully with lots of loose rock.  This gully needs to be navigated with great care;  we had a relatively minor injury here that could easily have been a lot worse (see report below).  The summit is just a few yards from the top of the gully.