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Alpine Scramble - Mount Ruth (Mount Rainier)

Excellent trip, cloudy but some views below the clouds and otherwise pleasant weather, and perhaps best of all, 2000+ vertical feet of glissading.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Snow should be good for glissades for at least another few weeks.  Crossing the Inter Fork wasn't too difficult, but the snow bridge we used won't last for long.

The trail was easy to follow even through snow patches until just after crossing 2 streams on bridges at around 5600', we missed a switchback to the right and followed footprints that eventually took us to the Inter Fork.  A little ways upstream we found a way to cross by standing on a somewhat bouncy log and taking a big step to a rock on the other side.  Snow consistency varied somewhat, although it was never very difficult to kick steps; there were sections, though, where it was too hard for self-belay.  Visibility decreased as we ascended toward the summit, and we wound up somewhat to the left of the best route and did a short section of loose rock with a bit of exposure that wasn't really necessary but good practice for the students.  Glissading was great, but potential hazard are starting to emerge from the snow as you approach the floor of Glacier Basin.  We found a snow bridge to cross the Inter Fork about 200 yards up stream of the camping area, but I doubt it will be safe to cross for more than a couple of days.  Total time: 10 hours.