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Alpine Scramble - Mount Pugh

A pleasant trip although we turned around at about 6400'; good local views but clouds obscured more distant peaks.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The trail to Stujack Pass is in good shape.  Beyond Stujack, there are numerous extraneous paths, so care is necessary to stay on route.  It had been many years since I did Pugh, and my recollection was that it was a stretch to label it a scramble rather than a hike, with hardly any places where I used my hands.  On this trip, though, we encountered a couple of sections that I would rate T3 , although they were less exposed than some of the easier sections.

    Rockfall wasn't much of a problem, but there were a lot of people on Pugh, and occasionally a few rocks were kicked loose.  Helmets might be a good idea starting from a few hundred feet below Stujack Pass.

On August 19, 3 scramblers took the Mt. Pugh trail up to about 6400' feet before turning around.  One person was feeling fatigued and was concerned about how she would feel descending the more exposed parts of the route.   The other two of us had done Pugh before, and it was cloudy enough that the views were less than ideal, so we were all happy to turn around at that point.