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Alpine Scramble - Mount Chardonnay

This is a challenging but very rewarding scramble to a seldom-climbed summit not far from the Hannegan Pass Trail. It's a very prominent peak and the summit (7020') views are even better than those from Hannegan Peak (6160').

  • Road rough but passable
  • Note that there's a washout just before the Hannegan Trailhead, so you park a few hundred feet short of the trailhead. Hike the Hannegan Pass Trail for about 1.3 miles, to a prominent rocky gully at about 3500 feet elevation. Leave the trail and ascend the rocky gully. 

    At about 4100 feet in the gully, a waterfall above prevents further progress. Exit the gully on the left up a grassy, flowery, slightly brushy slope to get into the heavy trees 100 feet or so above.  This is fairly steep, as is much of the terrain for the next 2000 feet of gain.

    Once in the trees, ascend steep forest slopes with occasional brushy areas, eventually reaching open meadows above 5300 feet or so. Aim for the saddle NW of Granite Mountain at about 6040'+.

    From the saddle, the rest of the ascent is a pleasant ridge hike with no difficulties. Enjoy the views!

We car camped at the trailhead and started at 5:30am. This is a strenuous route so an early start is recommended.  

Took about 6 hours from trailhead to summit.