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Alpine Scramble - Little Annapurna

Great trip, car to car in 12 hours.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The route was snow free from the trailhead to the bottom of Aasgard Pass.  Aasgard Pass was the most difficult part of the scramble with intermittent sections of hard snow and ice followed by loose rock.  Crampons were needed on the ascent and descent of Aasgard Pass.  Once we reached the top of Aasgard Pass the snow conditions were good all the way to the summit.

It took 6 hours to reach the summit and 5:30 hours on the decent (coming down Aasgard Pass was time consuming given the conditions). We spent 45 minutes on the summit enjoying the views and the great weather.  There was more than enough snow for the 5 scramble students to get snow credit.