Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - K9 (Point 6242)

An enjoyable moderate scramble, with good views on top.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Road was in good shape, should be good for all cars.

    The tunnel creek trail and the PCT were in good conditions.

    The off trail part of the trip was dry, some brush and no boot trails were found. 

We hiked the tunnel creek trail to the PCT, we got this view of K9 roughed North side from the trail.


After taking a break at the lake we took the PCT about 2.2 miles to this basin. Where we took the left gully towards the ridge. We ran into brush in near the top of the gully at which point we worked left and found two gullies headed up most of the party took the left one, but two people took the right one, which got us to striking distance from the ridge. 


We follow the ridge which lead us to a rock band, which after some probing we decided to bypass it on the right. We worked up the slopes with blueberry bushes (ripe berries!) and other brush before getting to the summit ridge.


From there we follow the ridge to the summit block which had a short rock scramble to the top.


360 views from the top, here is one with Daniel and Hinman in the back.