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Alpine Scramble - Green Mountain (North Bend, winter)

Maps are not always as they seem.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

We had fresh snow from the car, put on snowshoes about 2400', followed the east ridge up increasingly steeper terrain with deeper snow.  We ended up climbing a rocky rib not evident on the USGS map or the prior GPS tracks with at least 45 degree slopes at the top up to about 3700', and turned back as there was not sufficient time to summit.  Best to turn right at about 3500' for more gentle terrain.  Knee deep light snow that was likely to be deeper in the steeper and more open basin near the saddle would likely have made it difficult to summit in the allowed time even with perfect routefinding.  We had lots of partial views, some sun, and no snow during the trip except for frequent snow coming off trees despite the winter storm warning today.