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Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Granite Mountain & Trico Mountain

Successful on both summits

  • Road rough but passable
  • Excellent. Can avoid what snow still remains.

The first four miles of trail are easy, the last three steep and demanding, especially from Tuck Lake to Robin Lakes. This does not deter the crowds; there were more than 50 people camping at Robin Lakes, and we had to camp about 100 feet above and 300 yards away from the lower lake. Bugs (mostly biting flies, plus some mosquitoes) annoyingly present when wind not blowing.  Weather clear and sunny. A way trail leads most of the way to the summit of Granite, where there is a little bit of scrambling at the top. To get to Trico,  descend the ridge northwest of Granite, then down to the bench east of Upper Robin Lake, where a hikers' path leads through meadows to Granite Potholes. Thread your way through these beautiful tarns to the ridge running southwest from Trico. There, another hikers' path leads to the summit. Descend the ridge back to camp. The steep descent from the lakes will wear out even strong legs!