Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Gove Peak

Perfect weather made for a "relatively easy" trip

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • This is not an easy scramble.  The 7 mile RT bike ride and 4 mile RT trail hike are easy.  Then from Green Lake you claw your way up a hill that makes the Cable-Line seem very easy..  May is a good time for this trip.  We had snow on the upper slopes and it was firm enough to not need snowshoes, but not so firm as to need crampons or MicroSpikes, (although we did use those on the descent for about 200' vertical below the ridge which is quite steep.

    For the most part, we stayed within 200' of the "100 peaks" GPS route line which worked out fine.  Between 4200 and 4400 feet there are cliff bands and the GPS line goes right up the middle of them.  On the way up we were west of the line and went up narrow gully that we agreed would have required a rope to descend.  On the way down we followed the west edge of the creek that is about 200-300 feet east of the line.  This went much better and I recommend it for both ascent and descent.

    Above 4600' the map seems to show a gully, but its not really there.  It was mostly open slopes.

    The ridge is pretty easy to follow and takes you to the "summit" which is not the highest point.  The marked summit is slightly SE of the high point, but it is where you find the open views and a register that has very few names in it.

    RT from cars was about 9 hours.